Artist statement


My visual arts practice emerges from the interplay between analytical observation and intuition. I express my aesthetical, as well as ecological and social concerns through an essentially botanical symbolism. My work addresses the beauty of nature, but also its frailty and the dualism of life and death, and the underlying references often apply more to humans than to plants...
My research, in series on paper or on Mylar, involves a combination of precise drawing and gestural expression. Natural shapes are fragmented, modified, reorganized and transmuted into autonomous signs. Fascinated by duality and complementarity, I exploit contrasts (black & white, recto & verso, surcharge & scarcity, etc) to express the inseparable contradictions around us. Using geometrical principles such as symmetry and rotation, I play with rhythmic patterns and formal dialogues. Peculiar poetic universes emerging from these abstract assemblages of figurative elements echo the diversity of p
henomena at the basis of our existence and serve to move, question or challenge.

Over the last few years, I have exploited the translucent feature of Mylar in order to evoke the evanescence of our links to nature. As printmaking (intaglio and relief) occupies an increasing part of my research, I strive to combine the techniques of drawing, printmaking, embroidery and painting into an original and personal hybridization.
The elements that inspire me, chosen for their semantic as well as formal affinities, allow me to awaken the pleasure of discovery. In all my work, I question the frailty and complexity of the relations of humans with each other, with other living species and with their natural environment.


Born in Montréal, I have lived and worked in the Rimouski region since 2008. After studying botanical sciences and working in scientific editing, I went on to obtain a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts at Laval University, in 2007. My scientific background contributes much to my art practice. I am a member of several artist-run centers and my work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions across Québec, Canada and also in Scotland.

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